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honor 5x case

It’s not been that long since Huawei’s Honor series became much too popular with smartphones, though its parent brand was quite popular, even earlier! The reason for the success is nothing but the inexpensive combination of high-end and standard specs.

Honor 5X is really an Honor computer in itself, as the 5.5-inch LTE device comes with an Octa-Core SoC, up to 3 GB RAM, 13MP and 5MP Shooters etc. One consideration is the extremely lightweight Honor 5X to manage and use!

Due to its slim appearance, however, some people are interested in having additional security for the unit — maybe a safety case. Okay, if you’re looking for the same thing, we’ve got a list of the best 15 safe cases you can use for your 5X Honor!

honor 5x case

  1. Nillkin Thin Soft Honor 5X Case

The first in the list of cases, Nillkin Thin Soft Honor 5X, is a fairly cheap security device, even if the consistency of the protection offered is not compromised. The case uses non-toxic TPU for manufacturing and can provide a smooth and adequate handling experience for everyday usage.

  1. Huawei Honor 5X Case, Moonmini®

A powerful double layered case with a futuristic feel. This case is made of a combination of TPU rubber and hard polycarbonate plastic and provides premium protection. In addition, the manufacturer also added a kickstand at the back which can be used to easily watch movies / movies in landscape mode.

  1. Vostrostone KuGi Honor 5X Hard Case

If you’re looking for a rough, secure case that doesn’t add much bulk to the Honor 5X, this is a wonderful way to go. The case, which is compatible with all Honor 5X carrier variants, has an excellent appearance and protection standard.

  1. HICASER Aluminum Bumper Case for Honor 5X

Another protective case, that at a time holds affordability and price, is HICASER aluminum bumper case for Honor 5X! But this case is made in two sections – an aluminum metal bumper and a plastic back. When you combine them, the Honor 5X is secured by stability, and in this case you have access to the ports and buttons. 

  1. Huawei Union Case, Customerfirst Flip Wallet

The wallet case is perfect to hold additional changes or credit cards along with your mobile. This case is made of synthetic leather and also features a side bracelet that makes it easy to take with you.

  1. SLMY Leather Flip Wallet Case for Honor 5X

Will you like the pocket and protective case to be combined so you can hold one device in place of two? Well, if you’re optimistic, you can say YES to the Honor 5X SLMY Leather Flip Wallet Case which is also an incredibly affordable option. It’s up to you to select the color you want, available in eight color variants.

honor 5x case

  1. Leathlux Transparent Honor 5X Protective Case

So, if you don’t want the defense to mess up Honor 5X’s real beauty and design. Then, this Leathlux Transparent Honor 5X Protective Case is one of the best ways to ensure your system has additional safety. The case has been designed with a high quality TPU variant, which can be used as a dust, skid and tear protector.

  1. Honor 5X case, KuGi PC Hard Case

Even mild impacts can protect your phone against hard polycarbonate case. No micro-fiber inside scratch provides warmth and a further protective layer.

  1. Vikoo Stand Flip Wallet Case for Honor 5X

There is also another multifunctional case that you’d like to get at a reasonable rate for your Honor 5X. The Honor 5X Flip Wallet Case is simultaneously a safe case, an easier-to-see stand and a wallet, where you can also store your cards and your money.

  1. HICASER Luxury Metal Aluminum Bumper for Huawei Honor 5X 

Perhaps the hardest issue on the market today is the issue of aluminum bumper. This product comes with a clean metal finish, which provides optimum security for your phone and good aesthetics.

  1. Kingfansion Hard Back Case for Honor 5X

Kingfansion Hard Back Case for Honor 5X may be the cheapest Honor 5X case in the list, but basic level protection is still assured. The case is made of Poly Carbonate and can be very scratch-proof and damages-proof and the design is waterproof, durable and dust-proof.

  1. Huawei Honor 5x Case by LWANG

The case is made of dense synthetic rubber but it features hypnotic dragon art on the back. The shock-resistant case is available in a variety of colors and has unique openings for all ports that can be used entirely by your devices.

  1. Mama Mouth Folio Flip Hard Case for Honor 5X

With your safe-enough protective case for Huawei Honor 5X if you need a kickstand and a superb wallet combined, Mama Mouth Folio Flip Hard Case for Honor 5X can be nothing but an awesome choice. Another impressive factor that can be found when it comes to Mama Mouth Folio Flip Hard Case for Honor 5X is that the case is available in various color variants — eight variants, to be precise, which can be selected according to your Honor 5X colour.

  1. MOONCASE Slim Fit Hard Case for Honor 5X

So, here’s a MOONCASE protective case, which is accompanied by a View Window feature. As you already know, the feature allows you to take a faster look at what’s happening on the screen; for example, you can take the phone call without even opening the flip-cover. This is an extremely awesome Leather Flip Cover with enough space for the device and access to the fingerprint sensor, all ports and obviously the buttons, in addition to the View Window feature.

  1. Susenstone ULTRA THIN Cover Case for Honor 5X

With this Susenstone THIN Cover Case for Honor 5X, we conclude the list of the top 15 Honor 5X cover cases. This case is one of the most inexpensive protective cases listed in this section and can only be used to cover your Honor 5X’s back part. The design is fully transparent and even when the cover is on you will look the same as your Honor 5X.

honor x5 case

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