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Smok A-Priv 225 W

Smok’s featured a powerhouse dual-battery box mod with a unique design and this includes all features mod features you except. This is often all made even better by the impressively-low price. It offers an incredible balance between performance and affordability if you’re not trying to find the absolute best vape box mod on the market.

The Smok A-Priv takes two of 18650 batteries and output a powerful 225 W in VW mode. It also featured TC vaping with titanium, nickel, and chrome steel coils, with all of the extra features you’ll need like adjustable ramp-up wattage and customizable TCR. The planning is fantastic, too, with an outer metallic shell surrounding an LED-lit interior that you’ll customize to illuminate in your chosen color as you vape. The body is additionally curved for max comfort once you vape, with a firing bar rather than a touch button, so you’ll squeeze the body to vape. There’s also a well-presented monitor on the highest fringe of the device.

best vape box mod

Aspire Dynamo 220 W

Aspire has been an enormous player in the vaping industry for several years now, with a reputation for quality but generally good prices.

Visually, the monitor dominates the design of the mod, with many options for the “watch-face” sort of a display that provides you plenty of room to customize how the mod looks. The sides are all rounded, making the device super-comfortable to carry, and it features a fire button and two configurable buttons below the display. They also developed an excellent screen to monitor your battery levels and a user-friendly interface to control all key features.

It puts up to 225 W of power in VW mode and features a bypass mode and fully-equipped TC mode for mechanical-mod. The kit pack includes the Nepho tank, including a 0.5-ohm coil and a 0.15-ohm mesh coil as standard. All you would like to select up to start out vaping is that the kit, two batteries, and a few e-juice.

Voopoo Drag Mini Platinum

best vape box mod

Many top-quality vaping devices include the Voopoo Drag series, and therefore the Drag 2 has already been covered on this best vape box mod list as a testament to it.  Alongside the smaller stature, the simplest thing about the Drag Mini Platinum is that it comes with an indoor battery (so no got to fiddle learning some separately), with a powerful 4,400 mAh capacity.

The Drag Mini Platinum features a very similar look to the Drag 2, with one large resin plate (and many options when it involves the color scheme) and “Drag” written in big, bold letters on the opposite side. The front panel features a well-presented monitor, alongside the USB charging port, fire button, and two adjustment buttons. The highest power output is a smaller amount than the Drag 2’s at 117 W, except for most vapers, this is often quite enough, and it boasts all an equivalent features in terms of TC vaping and therefore the unique FIT mode that dials within the ideal settings for your tank automatically.

Vaporesso Gen Mod 220 W

best box mod

Vaporesso has come an extended way since their previous devices, with an expansive range of high-quality mods promoting on the market over the past few years. One among the stand-out new devices is that Gen Mod 220 W, which can look quite unassuming but has many features and packs it all into a surprisingly affordable device.

It runs on two 18650 batteries, with a standard boxy shape and a considerable maximum power output of 220 W. It also (expectedly) features a TC mode that works with all common TC wire types, but also has additional modes like the facility eco mode (designed to maximize battery life) and pulse mode, with three buttons (in addition to the hearth button) so you’ll navigate around the many features with ease. Although it isn’t the coolest-looking mod on the market, it comes during a range of colors, and it’s a soft-touch rubberized coating to form it more pleasant to carry than the typical device.

The Vaporesso Gen Mod 220 W makes this best vape box mod mods list for these features, with an excellent price of $56.95. This makes it one of the simplest box mods if you’re on a budget, although there are other good affordable options on this list.

Wotofo x Rig Mod Flux 200 W

best box mod

This mod and tank combination is that the result of a collaboration between Wotofo and Rig Mod, both big names within the vaping industry in their respective areas. The device features a unique design, with the full-color OLED monitor located at the highest of the front face, slightly below the tank connection point, and 7-color LEDs built into the body to feature more visual flair. It runs on two 18650 batteries.

In terms of power, it puts out a powerful 200 W, and it’s pretty unique therein. It doesn’t featured a TC mode.(and it certainly is that if TC may be a make-or-break feature for you), but they’ve drilled-down on what most vapers are trying to find from a tool and put some extra care into the VW mode. Also, because of the standard VW mode, you’ll set the device in “Powerful” or “Powerful+” mode, which both give the device an additional punch when you’re vaping in wattage mode. It also uses a firing bar rather than the normal button for extra comfort when you’re vaping.

The Flux comes with the Flow Pro sub-ohm tank as standard, which has two 0.18 ohm “multihole” (i.e., mesh) coils, a 4 ml juice capacity (extended to five ml with the bulb glass) and a well-executed top-filling system. This tank may be a great performer on its own, but Smok fans will be happy to find out that it’s also compatible with TFV8 Baby coils, which provides you with more options when you’re stocking abreast of coils.

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