Vaporesso Armour Pro: The Best Box Mod {2019 Review}

They say in order to write about something you must own it or use it. If you want to blog about the best box in 2019 you should be an avid smoker. This would insure the best insight to your readers.

This will be a real users review on the Vaporesso Armour pro, in my opinion the best box mod of 2019. I have been using this awesome mod for the 6 months. I decided to write a extensive review on it:


Long lasting Battery life:

Here’s why I think it is the best box mod of 2019. We will start with the battery life, this Mod stays charged for up to 10 hours even with high use. You could get a full charge within 2 hours or change your pre charged batteries which is awesome. The battery life is outstanding, I have been using the same battery that came with it and it is still going strong. It comes with a really cool usb charger cable that is durable and lasts long. The overall build of the Vaporesso Armour pro mod is of high quality. Be sure to order An extra battery and battery charger so you could switch between 2 batteries and never be on low.

Best box mod
Best box mod



Awesome Atomizer Assembly: 

The assembly of the atomizer on the Vaporesso Armour pro is great. This top assembly holds the coil, the tank, and the interchangeable tip, it is all held together with 1 mechanizm for a durable build. The tank holds a significant amount of juice and has capacity to last you through the day 1 full fill. Depending on which color you order the atomizer has gold and silver color tips in the atomizer with a stealth black trim.

Vaporesso armour pro
Vaporesso armour pro

Intuitive LED Display:

This particular feature makes this device the best box mod in 2019. The Mode set that you have access upon clicking fast 3x is awesome. In the mode set you can change the display design, the colors the date & time and much more. The smoke intensity level is a default display but you can change that as you please. An indicator that shows you the life of your coil is very important and this mod has that feature.

Modest and Slick design:

The Vaporesso Armour pro has an overall slick design that is obviously built with durability in mind. You have a choice of multiple colors, including silver, navy blue, multi colored and more. A metal, heavy feel to the mod brings you assurance of durability when holding it. Intuitive buttons that are creatively placed which allow you to browse through the settings of this mod with ease. A techie LED display with advanced settings makes it the best box mod in 2019. A solid interlocking battery house stays closed and firm, you don’t ever deal with the issue of it spontaneously opening.

Vaporesso armour pro
Vaporesso armour pro


Long-lasting build & good material:

I mentioned the durable build a few times in this blog because I am very impressed with it. The metal housing is so convenient when you’re constantly dropping your vape like I do. The plastic tank that comes with a spare is also very durable and I haven’t had to change it yet. The price of this mod was reasonable, considering I haven’t had the need to update or pay for a replacement, another reason why it’s currently the best box mod. Now of course, this wouldn’t be an honest review if I don’t mention any cons, I found very few if any. For example, leaking while changing coils was an issue, I’m sure it was my lack of experience when I first purchased this mod. However now, I am much better with controlling the juice leaks and know when to wait. And I can’t say anything else regarding cons.


In conclusion, if you want a long lasting, advanced and cool looking mod, the best box mod you can go with is this Vaporesso Armour pro. You could order it here through our website for a very competitive price, you’re guaranteed to get the best service and fastest delivery anytime you work with us, thank you for reading.


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